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Drug Kingpin Nate Newton’s Pro Football Prognostications – Week 5

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/03/2013

Nate Newton

Burgeoning drug kingpin Nate Newton builds his drug empire and gives you his football picks each week.

Week Five

Deion Sanders came to the house the other day. My wife told him about my fatal fat neck diagnosis and our financial woes and he came in with his glitzy gold chains, offering assistance. As expensive as the procedure to slim my fat neck will be, I’m just too damn proud to take charity; especially from an old friend and former coworker. There’s only one option left: Lil’ Billy Bates and I gotta get back in that RV out in the East Texas desert and start growin’ more marijuana. A man makes choices. And I choose to fight this fat neck alone, on my own terms.

Bills (+4) over Browns

Bears (+1) over Saints

Patriots (+1) over Bengals

Lions (+8) over Packers

Titans (+3) over Chiefs

Seahawks (-3) over Colts

Rams (-13) over Jaguars

Ravens (+3) over Dolphins

Giants (-1) over Eagles

Cardinals (+2) over Panthers

Broncos (-9) over Cowboys

49ers (-6) over Texans

Raiders (+4) over Chargers

Jets (+11) over Falcons


Last Week:  8-6-1

Best Week:  12-3-1 (Week 4)

Season:  30-29-4 (.508)

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