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Nappy Brown’s Football Prognostications! Super Bowl

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 01/30/2013

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown makes his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Super Bowl

Nappy retirin’!

Nappy tired of all this football projectorizin’. Nappy ain’t too good at it anyway. Look at that record! Under .500 like a dang Buffalo Bill!

Nappy found a nice retirement community in Boca Raton to while away the twilight hours. Maybe find a few old blues groupies to while it away with Nappy!

Nappy Brown will be replaced by a former football pro for next season’s projections. Maybe they’ll fare better than this old bluesman.

Will it be:

Warren Moon, Explorer/Adventurer

Warren Moon

“When I’m not beatin’ my wife, I’m exploring the world’s mysterious mysteries from around the globe!”

Ghost Steve McNair

Steve McNair

“OooooOOOOooooh! I’m a spooky ghoul from beyond the graaaaaaaaaaaaaaave!”

 or Drug Kingpin Nate Newton

Nate Newton

[smuggles van of marijuana into country under stomach fold] [smokes van, eats van]

Whoever takes over for Nappy, Nappy Brown’s sure they’ll do a better job than Nappy!

Nappy’s got the Niners in the Super Bowl with Super Bowl MVP Frank Gore.

Now it’s off to Boca Raton!

49ers (-4) over Ravens

Last Week:  1-0-1

Best Week:  10-3-1 (Week 11)/12-4 (Week 17)

Playoffs: 6-3-1 (.650)

Season:  127-129-10  (.496)

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