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Nappy Brown’s Football Prognostications! Wild Card Round

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 01/04/2013

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown makes his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Wild Card Round

Ray Lewis retirin’ from football to focus more on murders.

Ray Lewis is widely considered to be one of the greatest murderers of all time. Others have tried to match his murder totals over the years; but all fall short. Ray Lewis’ perseverance and dedication to the art of murder have vaulted him into the pantheon of some of the greatest murderers in the history of killing people.

Will Ray Lewis get bored with murder? Will the hobby not be enough to fill his life? Will he have to up his murder totals per season to match the intensity of both murder and football? These are all questions that only murderer Ray Lewis can answer.

But Nappy ain’t gon’ ask him. Nappy don’t wanna get stabbed!

Bengals (+5) over Texans

Packers (-8) over Vikings

Colts (+7) over Ravens

Seahawks (-3) over Redskins

Last Week:  12-4

Best Week:  10-3-1 (Week 11)/12-4 (Week 17)

Season:  121-126-9  (.490)

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