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Nappy Brown’s Football Prognostications! Week 14

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 12/06/2012

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown makes his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Week Fourteen

Everybody talkin’ ’bout guns!

Nappy’s always been a bit of a gunman. A good bluesman keeps a gun on him at all times. Never know when you’re gonna have to pull out on a crazy in the crowd. Nappy’s never had to shoot anybody, though. Nappy don’t have the balls!

Nappy’s seen the damage that guns can do firsthand. Back when Nappy was touring with Johnny Cash, ‘Ol Johnny and Nappy hit up a dive bar outside of Reno. Needless to say, we got to drinkin’ and somehow found ourselves in a gravel pit with a couple of locals. We were shootin’ cans and havin’ a heckuva time when some words and barbs were traded. Johnny didn’t take too kindly to those boys talkin’ trash about his leather jacket and he swiveled quick and shot one of ’em dead. Nappy said, “Damn Johnny! You shot a man in Reno just to watch him die!” Johnny immediately whipped out a pen and pad and started writing what he thought would be a surefire hit. Turns out he already wrote and recorded that song a year prior. Johnny was high out of his gourd!

The lesson here kids is guns ain’t the problem; it’s the people behind them. Nappy thinks the government should ban people!

Broncos (-11) over Raiders

Rams (+3) over Bills

Cowboys (+3) over Bengals

Chiefs (+7) over Browns

Colts (-6) over Titans

Bears (-3) over Vikings

Chargers (+7) over Steelers

Eagles (+9) over Buccaneers

Ravens (+3) over Redskins

Falcons (-4) over Panthers

Jets (-3) over Jaguars

49ers (-10) over Dolphins

Giants (-5) over Saints

Cardinals (+10) over Seahawks

Packers (-7) over Lions

Texans (+4) over Patriots

Last Week:  6-10

Best Week:  10-3-1 (Week 11)

Season:  87-99-6  (.469)

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