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Nappy Brown’s Football Prognostications! Week 10

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/08/2012

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown makes his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Week Ten

Four more years make Nappy happy!

Barack Obama is America’s greatest black President since Frederick Douglas was Secret Ghost President for Lincoln and freed the slaves. You think that big beardo weirdo did that? He was too busy writin’ on shovels! Frederick Douglas was the original O.G. Always been a big inspiration to the Nappy Brown Sound. And Nappy likes to think he’s done his black forefathers right by keeping the grand tradition of African-American blues music alive.

Nappy’s made his people proud! You’re welcome, Black America!

Colts (-3) over Jaguars

Giants (-4) over Bengals

Titans (+6) over Dolphins

Vikings (+1) over Lions

Patriots (-11) over Bills

Falcons (-3) over Saints

Buccaneers (-3) over Chargers

Panthers (+4) over Broncos

Ravens (-8) over Raiders

Seahawks (-6) over Jets

Eagles (+1) over Cowboys

Rams (+11) over 49ers

Bears (-1) over Texans

Chiefs (+12) over Steelers

Last Week:  8-6

Best Week:  8-4-1 (Week 7)

Season:  57-72-3  (.443)

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