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Nappy Brown’s Football Prognostications! Week 6

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/11/2012

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown makes his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Week Six

Nappy Brown doin’ so bad with the picks this season, they won’t let Nappy perform in Vegas. The books got me banned! Guess it’s back to Atlantic City and North Carolina Injun casinos for ‘Ol Nappy.

Rest in peace to football legend, Alex Karras.

Little known fact: Nappy Brown was up for the role of George Papadapolis in Webster. The producers said Nappy didn’t get the part because Nappy couldn’t pronounce Pappalappalis. What’s so difficult about pronouncin’ Poopaloopalis? Pappynappylis! Easier than a slice of pie! Nappy was robbed.

(Also, Emmanuel Lewis was frightened of my face. Who could be frightened of a face like this?)

Titans (+6) over Steelers

Falcons (-9) over Raiders

Bengals (-1) over Browns

Dolphins (-4) over Rams

Colts (+3) over Jets

Lions (+4) over Eagles

Chiefs (+4) over Buccaneers

Ravens (-4) over Cowboys

Cardinals (-5) over Bills

Patriots (-4) over Seahawks

Giants (+7) over 49ers

Vikings (+2) over Redskins

Packers (+4) over Texans

Broncos (+1) over Chargers

Last Week:  5-9

Best Week:  8-8 (Week 1)

Season:  28-47-2  (.377)

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