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Y’All Don’t Know! with Anthony Mason

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 06/06/2012

Y’all Don’t Know is an ongoing exploration into all that is sinister, weird, creepy-crawly and loosey-goosey in our world. Did you know that there are mysterious, unexplainable energies whirling all around us as we speak? NO! ‘Cause Y’all Don’t Know!

Episode 2 – Marijuana

Hello. I’m Anthony Mason and I’m not high on drugs.

Today on Y’ALL DON’T KNOW!, we’re talkin’ about the weed. The Wacky Tobaccy. The Sweet Pete Sampras. The Sassy Sauce!

Marijuana has been called “the miracle drug” by doctors, scientists and herbologists the world over; because, hoo boy, does it get you freshly toasted. But there are some people who want to keep Ol’ Mary Jane illegalized. Experts call these people “old white folk”. Despite the best efforts of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other long-haired Jamaican women with weird man-names; marijuana is still illegal in most states. (Except for California, ’cause they a buncha stinky hippies.)

But some countries have stayed ahead of the curve. Take the Netherlands. The Danishes have legalized marijuana, prostitution and murder–if those Hostel documentaries are to be believed. And they seem to be doin’ just fine!

And if you don’t believe that, then Y’ALL DON’T KNOW!


Our guest toady is a notorious pothead.

Mason:  Mr. Booker, thanks for joining us tonight on Y’ALL DON’T KNOW!

Booker:  I appreciate you having me on the show, Mr. Mason. I’m a really big fan. I love those things you write in your hair.

Mason:  Do you think marijuana should be legalized?

Booker:  Well, there’s numerous schools of thought on the subject. You really gotta weigh all the issues and–

Mason:  Are you high right now?

Booker:  Um…no.

Mason:  I bet you got the drugs on you as we speak. Gimme the drugs!

Booker:  I don’t have any drugs.

Mason:  That’s exactly what you’d want me to think, Smokey!  (leaps across set, tackles guest)


Today’s episode of Y’ALL DON’T KNOW! is brought to you by Munchies-brand food snacks.

“Munchies-brand food snacks. Because pot.”


And we’re back.

I’d like to apologize to today’s guest, Ethan Booker. Turns out he didn’t have any drugs. So I still don’t have the drugs.

So, what did we learn today? We learned that nobody escapes the street justice law of Secret Federal Agent Anthony Mason. (Unless they really sneaky.) (Or they don’t have the drugs.) We also learned that marijuana ain’t all that bad. You can smoke it; snort it; inject it; or eat it in a brownie, cookie or pot pie. Ha, pot pie. Pot. Okay, I admit it. I’m a little high.

And if you didn’t know that, then…

Studio Audience:  Y’ALL! DON’T! KNOW!

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