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Y’All Don’t Know! with Anthony Mason

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 06/01/2012

Y’all Don’t Know is an ongoing exploration into all that is sinister, weird, creepy-crawly and loosey-goosey in our world. Did you know that there are mysterious, unexplainable energies whirling all around us as we speak? NO! ‘Cause Y’all Don’t Know!

Episode 1 – Europe

Europe is one  of the most beautiful countries in all of the Western World. From the mountainous mountains of the Alps to the sweeping vista plains of the USSR; there is lots to see and even more to do in the great state of Europe.

Why not try a taste of France and eat a crepe, which is like a pancake that’s been sat on. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a taco from the land of Spain. Or even a Bavarian creme doughnut from the quiet back country of Bavaria.

Maybe you’d like to ski down the Pyrenees into the Caribbean Sea. Play poker against British secret agents in Monte Carlo. Climb the Gibraltar Rock and see all the way to America, which is still the best.

Yes, Europe has lots to offer. But is there a darker side? Y’all Don’t Know! But I do.


Some say Europe is plotting to conquer the world, and install a one-world government. There have been instances in the past to add credence to this fact. Hitler; Napoleon; Charlie Maine. All failed. But is success just around the corner?

Europe has already consolidated into one government (the European Union); one currency (the Euro); and one leader (the Pope — the King of Europe). Is America far behind? We already have been heavily influenced by Europe over the years. Many inventions, ideas and aspects of our culture originated in Europe. In fact, did you know that America was founded by Europeans? Haha, just kidding. That was a test; and you passed.


Tonight our guest is noted European, Gerard Depardieu.

Mason:  Gerard, thank you for joining us here on Y’all Don’t Know!.

Depardieu:  Au baw baw.

Mason:  Gerard, what part of Europe are you from?

Depardieu:  Au baw.

Mason:  Are you a part of the Global European Conspiracy?

Depardieu:  Au baw. Au baw bau baw.

Mason:  Quit dodging the question, Gerard. Are you and your European cohorts planning to conquer America and force everyone to consume weird cheeses and long breads?

Depardieu:  Au baw?

Mason:  I’ll be honest Mr. Depardieu, I haven’t understood a goddang word you’ve said. But you seem like a nice enough chap, so I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. You’ve set my mind at ease. We’ll be right back.


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And we’re back.

Well, what did we learn today? We learned that America faces no immediate threat of European invasion. Unless they trickin’ us. And tacos are delicious!

Join us next time when we discuss more that is creepy and mysterious in this wild and wacky world.

And remember, if you don’t know, then…

Studio Audience:  Y’all! Don’t! Know!

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