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Y2K: The Book! Excerpts Vol. 10

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 04/18/2012

Y2K: It’s Already Too Late is computer manual author Jason Kelly’s first delving into the world of fiction, written in 1998. In this novel, Mark Solvang heads Solvang Solutions–a multinational Y2K protection software company faced with the heady task of saving the world from certain destruction. Intrigue! Action! Computers! The following are excerpts from my new favorite book of all-time…

Volume Ten

Martinez shook his head. “I’d hate to be white in all this. You people are too used to eating out. That’s the problem. Mexicans and Asians and Blacks — we eat at home.”


Underneath a pile of glass and metal, he saw a decaying arm. There was one criminal who didn’t make out like a bandit.


Martinez nodded. “I need food for my family. Not makeup and stereos and books and evening gowns.”


They were dealing with an unpredictable enemy backed into a corner. That was the worst enemy of all.


A complete outfit of camo field gear and gloved hands holding an M-16 with Rambo-like determination completes the locker room poster of a SEAL.

But they’re not always like that.


Dietz reached the truck breathing cool air and hearing birds.


It didn’t have to be China. Still, he thought, the Chinese love AK-47s.


“Okay. Oops, dropped my wallet.”


“Why are you here?” the guard demanded. His eyes were dark and serious, his hair black.

“Oh I’m just out on a walk.”

“Early in morning for walk.”


“I’m more worried about the middle eastern accent and appearance.”


“Look at that,” Pennington said.

“Yes, look at that.”


Silence was like a smooth sandy beach. It revealed everything except more silence.


Dietz attached two jumar clips to the ropes. Jumars slide up, but don’t slide down.


Wood paneling created a cozy feeling in the half-light of diesel power.


“Did they do anything embarrassing to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did they make you take off your clothes and put something inside yourselves?”


Jeremiah was one of the few people in the room to keep his composure. He had a lot of practice playing it cool for his friends. Even being kidnapped by gunmen couldn’t make him cry.


“I wish I listened to more of Grandpa’s stories. I wasn’t bored with his stories, Dad. I was never bored.”




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