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Y2K: The Book! Excerpts Vol. 4

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 04/04/2012

Y2K: It’s Already Too Late is computer manual author Jason Kelly’s first delving into the world of fiction, written in 1998. In this novel, Mark Solvang heads Solvang Solutions–a multinational Y2K protection software company faced with the heady task of saving the world from certain destruction. Intrigue! Action! Computers! The following are excerpts from my new favorite book of all-time…

Volume Four

Small town kid in the big city. Murray looked over at him, strapped carefully into his seat. His head rested at a crooked angle. Aside from that and the blood, he could have been napping on the job.


“Oh shit,” Murray said once they were in flight.

“What’s the matter?”

“LA’s burning.”


He ran back to the crowd, returning moments later with Ryan Woo, a decorated officer who made the Times in a dramatic photo of him carrying a kidnapped girl under one arm and holding a pistol with the other.


Tom wiped the dust from his helmet and pulled it onto his head to check the fit. Snug. His head hadn’t grown any.


The Eagle is an Israeli weapon. Israelis can’t afford to shoot twice.


She knew about the 1992 riots. They made her cry. They made everybody cry.


He’d seen half a dozen hairstyles on her, even a couple different colors. He’d smelled countless shampoos in her hair. She’d worn new hats every Friday. But through it all her scalp still smelled like Adelle.


He inhaled her scalp deep into his lungs.


Korean snipers picked off bottle throwers and firestarters with an accuracy that brought newfound respect from the mob.


Rioting is only fun when other people are dying.


Pregnant mothers with rough hands would get in the way of fast moving kids wearing jewelry.




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