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Y2K: The Book! Excerpts Vol. 3

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 04/02/2012

Y2K: It’s Already Too Late is computer manual author Jason Kelly’s first delving into the world of fiction, written in 1998. In this novel, Mark Solvang heads Solvang Solutions–a multinational Y2K protection software company faced with the heady task of saving the world from certain destruction. Intrigue! Action! Computers! The following are excerpts from my new favorite book of all-time…

Volume Three

The world’s love affair with Paris led people to watch that city more closely than any so far.


“This might be a better party than ever!” said the reporter. A bottle, thrown from somewhere off camera, crashed down on his head. He crumpled to the asphalt, one hand in his bloody hair and the other still holding the microphone. The camera man continued filming.


“We’re going to catch showtime at the Hollywood Bowl. Killer fireworks.”

“I’m jealous. Keep on eye on the city at midnight, then come on home, boys. I’ve got goodies to go around.”


Party 2000 was supposed to welcome the new millennium with music from The Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Spice Girls, and a few new bands.


Marty watched a firework bloom for what seemed his entire life. He remembered watching the same thing as a kid. He tasted the summer hot dog with extra relish.


If anybody wanted to film a comedy about cops in helicopters, this would be their model.


Martinez laughed, reminded of mowing his lawn.


They turned to wave before slipping into the Y2K night.


An arm slid around his waist. That was not supposed to happen at the office, but he didn’t care.


The woman guffawed, then coughed.


Leis and lays were good for morale.


“What’s up?” he asked the chief.

“More like what’s down, sir,” he said, pointing to his screen.




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