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Y2K: The Book! Excerpts Vol. 2

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 03/29/2012

Y2K: It’s Already Too Late is computer manual author Jason Kelly’s first delving into the world of fiction, written in 1998. In this novel, Mark Solvang heads Solvang Solutions–a multinational Y2K protection software company faced with the heady task of saving the world from certain destruction. Intrigue! Action! Computers! The following are excerpts from my new favorite book of all-time…

Volume Two

It was not the style of Hartmire Security to sip beverages while discussing business.


Mark looked severe to Hartmire, who was himself a severe-looking man.


Hartmire clamped a hand on Mark’s shoulder, drawing the intelligent green and silver eyes into his own black dots of fury.


Dan Van Lan could get more excited about computers than anything else in life.


Joining the LAPD changes a man in a lot of ways. Especially a white man.


Chief information officers tremble in their boots at the mention of that weird little word, Y2K.


He let his gaze wander to the nature photos hanging above the motionless heads of Hartmire Security. He especially liked the photo of a bear and her cubs at a cave entrance.


Dan Van Lan swaggered his furry bulk into the main testing facility at Pearl Harbor.


“This is no fishing trip,” Dubridge concluded. He looked at Pennington. “Call Honolulu.”


“You must plant seeds of doubt that grow into saplings of anger that bloom into a towering forest of hatred.”




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